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At Sting Executive Group International, Inc. (SEGI), we do accredited online training, specialized mystery shopping and compliance testing, criminal record screening, and we are a full suite investigative agency. We provide progressive and innovative solutions for our clients that include those wishing to get their security or private investigator license, private security companies and the the entire hospitality sector. Our goal is to offer the most cutting edge programs and services that we are proud to stand behind.

SEGI offers a full range of services, including government approved and accredited Security Guard and Investigator Training (online and classroom) in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. We supply our investigative, consulting, security and training services in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. 

Quick Facts

~ Sting Investigations provides professional mystery shopping services through our sophisticated online reporting portal to hospitality, retail, fast food, grocery, private security, spas, entertainment centres, casinos, etc.  

~ Sting Investigations, Inc is licensed by the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General in BC, Security Programs & Police Technology Division under the categories of Security Consultant, Security Patrol, and Private Investigator in the province of British Columbia.

~ Sting is an authorized by the RCMP (ClearNeed) to provide mobile and digital fingerprinting services which are a cost-effective and convenient alternative to using police agencies for your criminal background checks.  We have offices in Victoria and New Westminster BC - contact us to book an appointment today!

~ SEGI #0028 (TrainMyGuard.com) is accredited to provide mandatory and accredited Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) and Alberta Investigator Training (AIT) in Alberta, Canada. The ABST and AIT programs are available online or in a classroom. 

~ SEGI #0113 (TrainMyGuard.com) is approved to provide mandatory Basic Security Training (BST) in British Columbia, Canada.  The BST program is available online or in a classroom. Our investigator training program is also recognized in the province.

~ SEGI (TrainMyGuard.com) is approved to provide mandatory Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP) in Manitoba, Canada.  Our investigator training program is also recognized in the province.

- SEGI (TrainMyGuard.com) is approved to provide mandatory Saskatchewan Basic Security Training (SBST) in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. Our investigator training program is also recognized in the province.

Our Team


CEO/President Sting Investigations, Inc.

The President and CEO of Sting Investigations and Sting Executive Group International (SEGI), Charlena Radic is personally licensed as a Private Investigator and Certified Security Professional Trainer, she brings with her over a decade of experience in the security field. Her experience in areas of senior management, investigation, surveillance and general security services as well as a solid history in the hospitality and beverage service industry is an invaluable asset to her staff and clients alike. Her hands on, no nonsense approach to security management continues to make Sting a proactive leader within the international security community.  Click here to learn more.

Executive Coordinator / VP Fingerprint Services     

As the ex ‘Pitt Boss’ on a trading floor for 4 years, Lori Solley can run an office under high pressure, thinking quickly on her feet. Besides overseeing Administration for the entire company, she is also VP of Vancouver Island Fingerprint Services Operations; is presently a Licensed Private Investigator and a Licensed Security Professional with Advanced Security Training. She has 15+ years under her belt in the bar business - serving, bartending and working Security in both Canada and the US – she has seen all sides to the nightlife industry, knows what it is like and can schedule your courses, your Employee Evaluations, Bar Spotters and Investigations accordingly. Click here to learn more.

Head of BC Security Team Operations   

In charge of our BC Security Team Operations, an ex-professional athlete, Keith Best is our hands on Security Team Leader. His employment history includes that of a Close Protection Operative from 1993 until present, he has worked night club and bar security for over a decade in a supervisor role, has his Basic and Advanced Security Training as well as tactical training and training in conflict resolution. A dedicated and loyal employee, Keith Best is a key member of the STING Executive Team. Click here to learn more.

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Sting Executive Group International would not be where we are today without the amazing team of Associates we have gathered along the way. 
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