At Sting, our consultants continuously travel throughout North America conducting third-party loss prevention and safety compliance audits while providing practical solutions for unnecessary loss exposure. We have the depth of talent, knowledge, and expertise available to our clients which is second to none. 

A lot of our specialization is primarily in the retail, property management, oil fields, private security and hospitality sectors.


Policy and Procedures      

Policy Training, Employee Manuals and Company Policies are a must have for any organization. They are only effective though to the extent you can get your employees to review the policy, understand the policy and agree to follow the policy. Learn More



Sting Investigators are Fingerprinting Agents for Pacific Fingerprinting Services, Inc. We do Fingerprinting, Vulnerable Sector Checks, Criminal Name/Criminal Record Checks, Employment Screening, Security Licensing... Learn More


Security Training and Licensing   

Sting's works closely with individuals, oil and gas companies, construction companies, retail businesses, corporate clients, hotels and bars, and private security companies to ensure security and safety needs are met within the community. For more information click here.



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