Screening Services  



Sting Investigators are fingerprinting agents for Pacific Fingerprinting Services Inc (PFSI). Our services are a cost effective and convenient alternative to using police agencies for your criminal background checks.  Learn More

International Fingerprints     

Sting Investigatations provides service to people outside of Canada that require evidence that they do not have a Criminal Record in Canada by submission of fingerprints. Learn More

Medical Marijuana Licensing   

The process for getting licensed to legally grow and distribute marijuana in Canada is changing and we have an outline of the steps involved to meet requirements and become a supplier in the industry. Follow the steps which will provide all the information needed. Learn More


Background Investigations   

Sting combines all of its tools and services to create an in-depth Background Investigation that can go as deep as required. Learn more

Vulnerable Sector       

These checks are designed to protect vulnerable Canadians from dangerous offenders and will uncover criminal records and any pardoned sexual offense convictions with results in determining whether the applicant is suitable to work with children, the disabled or the elderly. Learn More

Criminal Name/Criminal Record Checks      

A CPIC Check is a query using a person's name and date of birth. CPIC stands for Canadian Police Information Centre. This type of check is preferred by Canadian employers. A Criminal Record Check requires a full set of fingerprints including both rolled and flat impressions of all 10 fingers on a C-216C form (provided by Sting).  For more information click here.

Security Licensing      

When it comes to Security Licensing in BC and Alberta, Sting is accredited to teach the BST/ABST & AB Professional Investigator Training, can assist with e-licensing and provides Fingerprinting Services. For more information on Security Licensing click here.

Internet Dating Verification   

Internet Dating Doesn't Have To Be Scary!! Sting has developed a way to guarantee your safety! Forget the fear and enjoy all the magic and butterflies of your first date. Learn More






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